Akai Professional APC Key 25 | Ableton Performance Controller with Keyboard, VIP Software Download Included

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Akai Professional APC Key 25 | Ableton Performance Controller with Keyboard, VIP Software Download Included

Designed for the performing musician or conventional composer, the APC Key 25 is the first Ableton Live controller from Akai Professional to be equipped with a high-performance keyboard.

Uniting the power of a clip-launching panel with a keyboard interface, APC Key 25 couples real-time control of the Ableton Live digital audio workstation with traditional composition tools.

Create melodies, compose bass lines, and play chords with 25 synth-action mini keys. Dedicated buttons for Octave Up, Octave Down, and Sustain expand the expressive capabilities of the keyboard to tap into the full melodic range and perform with classic piano-style sustain.

Utilize 40 multicolor clip-launching trigger pads in a 5×8 grid that’s built for dexterous exploration. Tri-color lighting provides visual feedback and displays three clip statuses—loaded, playing, and recording—so you can get in a groove without checking your laptop. Eight assignable control knobs for tweaking complete the compact controller to let you go anywhere with a computer without leaving any functionality behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software is included with my purchase, and where can I download?

The APC Key 25 includes Ableton Live Lite, AIR Instruments Hybrid 3, SONiVOX Twist, and Toolroom Artist Launch Packs. Once you have registered the product in your Akai Pro User Account you will have download links for all titles. Visit akaipro.com/my-account/login to create, and log in to your user account. 

Is Ableton Live 9 required?  Can I use Ableton Live 8?

The APC Key 25 is supported and requires Ableton Live 9.1.3 or later for correct operation.  The included Ableton Live Lite 9 Akai Edition is supported and functions as expected.  The APC Key 25 can be manually MIDI mapped for use with earlier versions of Ableton Live.  

Is the product compatible with the latest Windows, and Mac operating systems?

Since the APC Key 25 is class compliant, and does not require any drivers to install, it is immediately compatible with all current Windows, and Mac operating systems. 

Will the transport controls work with other DAW’s aside from Ableton Live?

 If your favorite DAW support MIDI mapping, you can create a customized mapping for the APC Key 25 giving you control over tranports, mixer assiginments, and individual device parameters. 

What are the secondary functions with the Shift button? 

When the SHIFT button is engaged you can toggle the Knob Controls to adjust Volume, Pans, Sends, or Device Parameters. You can also toggle the lower button in the channel strip to control Clip Stop, Solo, Rec Arm, Mute, or Select. To do this hold SHIFT, and press the corresponding Scene Launch button.  


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Hands down, the new APC Mini is an absolutely amazing device for under $100.

Seatac_prof says:

Cute but cheap device, “bundled” software currently unavailable

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Stay Thirsty My Friends

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