Alesis MICRON Analog Modeling Synthesizer

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Alesis MICRON Analog Modeling Synthesizer


The Alesis Micron, a new compact synth with the ION analog-modeling sound engine! The Alesis Micron is a powerful 8-voice Analog Modeling synthesizer based on the award-winning sound engine of the larger Alesis Ion in a compact 3. Buy Alesis Micron Analog Modeling Synth Keyboard now! Buy Alesis Micron Analog Modeling Synth Keyboard now!Offering a virtually limitless sonic palette, the Alesis MICRON eight-voice analog-modeling synthesizer produces a big sound despite its small size. Whether you use a synth to accompany you on stage or in the studio or you prefer to work with the hundreds of preset Alesis sounds or create your own, the MICRON is a great musical companion.

The MICRON may be small in size, but it produces a big sound (see larger image).
It offers 8 voices, each with 3 oscillators, 2 multimode filters, 3 envelope generators, 2 LFOs, sample and hold, and tracking generator (see larger image).

The MICRON has two multi-mode filters, three envelope generators, and two LFOs: the full spectrum of synthesis components for shaping and creating sonorities and textures. For stage and studio-ready quality, the MICRON has 24-bit audio outputs and inputs via balanced connections.

Each of the MICRON’s voices contains two filters, and each filter can be one of the following different types, each with its own character and sonic flavor: Bypass, Low Pass: ob 2-pole, tb 3-pole, mg 4-pole, rp 4-pole, jp 4-pole, al 8-pole; Band Pass: ob 2-pole, al 6-pole, octave dual, band limit; High Pass: ob 2-pole, op 4-pole; three Vocal Formants, four Comb Filters, Phase Warp, Frequency, Resonance, Key Tracking, Envelope Amount, Offset, and Absolute.

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SRFireside "ZOOM!" says:

Killer Virtual Analog Synth I have been looking at analog modelling synthesizers since the illustrious Nord Lead blew the synth industry away. There have been many to follow, but I can honestly say the Alesis Micron gives you the most bang for the buck. There are more features on this little keyboard than I have seen on any other VA synth coming anywhere near the price.500 patches of sounds (with room for 400 more to program) running the gamut of analog textures (don’t believe some reviewers not finding soft and warm patches.. they are definitely there right out of the box) including sub-bass tones, warm strings, punchy basses, sweet analog drums and much more in between. The patches are separated by category (lead, bass, drums, pads, etc) and each category can be punched in on the fly.You have three oscillators per voice (including variable waveshapes and FM) which gives the synth a really fat sound as well as two low frequency ocsillators for warmth. Doing quick modulation and filtering changes can be done with two programmable slider controls. There is also a pitch bend wheel that lights up when you use it. Programming can be pretty intuitive if you learn the shortcut method that makes the keys buttons to select parameters (essentially 37 extra buttons for editing).I have compared the Micron with other VA synths like Korg’s VA synths (MS2000, MicroKorg, Electribe), the Roland 303, the Novation Bass Station and can honestly tell you the Alesis Micron can go toe to toe against all of them and many times come out ahead in both sound and functionality.The synth also includes a master dual effects processer and a single drive effects processor per patch (something most VA synths don’t even include). Not the greatest effects processing in the world, but far from inferior. Essentially the effects help give your sounds some nice ambience. You also get a 40 band vocoder for vocal effects (more robust then the Korg VA synth vocoders) You are limited to 8-voice polyphony, but the synth is 32-part multitimbral.The Micron also has a built in step and phrase sequencer that includes over 400 patterns preset with drum parts, synth parts and combinations of both along with room for hundreds of your own. The phrase sequencer is really easy to use with one button record and looping. A third type of sequencer you have is a pretty versatile arpeggiator.Bottom line is if you are looking for synth that is affordable yet has an expansive set of analog sounds (and by that I mean a digital synth that utilizes analog modelling) this is it. If you are doing electronic dance music this synth is perfect for you. You won’t find a better value for the money. Sure there are better products out there (Nord is still the tops in my book), but when it comes down to it the Micron will give you professional sounding analog synth sounds and the ability to make some killer patches.

G. McKinney says:

Micron- Solid analog sound.. dirt cheap. The Micron is a fantastic synth, more capable than its big brother Ion while sharing the same fantastic sound that the Ion is known for. Like all good VAs, the power of the Micron is in its hardware, not its presets. Romplers have good presets, but that’s as far as you get– No, the micron has weak presets but a strong core.The UI, which takes a lot of flak from many reviewers, actually is very usable. It’s shortcut based, so if you put a bit of time into learning it you find it’s actually very quick and easy to use. Naturally having everything on the front panel, as does the Ion, would make editing operations significantly faster- but it’s not at all bad.If you’re looking for honest analogue sound, the Micron is probably at the top of the list of VAs made right now. It’s VERY analogue, and has an extremely impressive variety of filters.Don’t be scared off by the minimalist UI or some of the boring presets- The Micron is the Real Thing(tm) and can shake the walls.

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