CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

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CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

Record studio-quality audio directly to your computer via USB with the CAD U37 side-address condenser microphone-a great choice for both vocal and instruments as well as for creating podcasts and voiceovers for videos. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems, you can simply plug the U37 into your PC and start recording. The U37 has two switches on the front. The first switch allows you to decrease the sensitivity of the microphone so the sound quality is clear for extremely loud sounds. For example, the switch should be in the “-10” position for loud voices, percussion and other high sound pressure level devices. The “0” position should be used for normal voices and string instruments. The second switch on the U37 is designed to reduce pickup of deep-bass sounds. The switch should be in the “Normal Bass” mode in most cases. However, if you want to remove wind noise, ventilation noise, or decrease the low frequencies in a recording, the switch should be in the “Bass Reduction” position.

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V. Lange "vlmagister" says:

A well-made, very sensitive microphone with almost no noise A short voiceover test using the CAD U37 through Sony Sound Forge. This is a well made product and, in my opinion, all the microphone most non-professionals will ever need.

Dexter "Dex" says:

Best value for money USB Microphone for Computer I had been researching USB Microphones for a long time and was nervous to make a selection, incase I ended up with a lemon. Well I just heard about this microphone a couple of weeks ago and read up on CAD Microphones. I took the plunge and bought this little beauty. It is made of a plastic casing, but don’t let that put you off – this is obviously the trade off in getting a good quality USB for under $100. It’s the inside heart of the microphone which makes it a great mic. Yes it is sensitive in picking up background noise, but I don’t mind. I love that this mic has the ability to pick up a full texture of sound in the room. I also like that it records with very low background hiss, which is a big problem with integrated mics in laptops.One important thing to remember with any USB mic is to know how to open up it’s settings on your computer. When I first connected the U37 to my computer, it defaulted its input sound level to practically zero. It is in this setting that I have learnt to control the sensitivity of the microphone.9/10 for this microphone. You won’t be disappointed. Peace Out 🙂

Satisfied Customer says:

Great Mic for a Small Price!!! I’ve had enough of people posting bad reviews that simply don’t read instructions or don’t know how to use the equipment they have. This Mic has settings that will allow you to hear a whisper in the next room, or you can turn down the sensitivity and you will be able to scream into the mic from a foot away and barely be able to hear yourself when wearing headphones. Do you want ambience? You got it. Don’t need it, it’s gone. You have total control of that. These people that are saying you can’t use it for music because of terrible latency, don’t know what they are talking about, if they can’t figure out how to use an asio driver, then I certainly don’t want to hear their music. Get you a good asio driverI use ASIO4ALL. No Latency problems over here. How in the world do so many people with the same equipment have such varied results. Somebody doesn’t know what they are doing.

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