HitLights Sound Activated LED Music Controller

Pinned on November 9, 2013 at 18:57 by Keith Daniels

HitLights Sound Activated LED Music Controller

HitLights Sound Activated LED Music Controller With Remote for Color Changing LED Strip, Plug-And-Play, 12 Amp, 12 Volt, 144 w

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therandom80 says:

Maybe yes…maybe no FYI: If you haven’t already figured this out, you will need to purchase a 12v dc power supply. Wait until this product arrives before you buy the power supply, so that you are sure to get the right size. For me, the power cord to my linksys router worked just fine.On the first day of having the product, all seems to be working okay. There are a few things I would like to point out though.1) The product didn’t work at first, until I realized that they had the RGB leads clipped into the wrong spots. Simple enough to rectify the situation, but I’m worried that it is a sign of the quality assurance (or lack thereof).2) The product is literally a circuit board with a plastic box on top of it. While the box works, I wouldn’t expect it to take much to break it.3) The sensitivity is borderline absurd. With it set all the way down, the sound from my normal talking voice can set it off.Other than those three items, everything seems fine…but it is only the first day. All the buttons on the remote work properly as well.

Ferra13 says:

Sound Activated LED Controller This thing works GREAT. I use LED strips to light up the desk area beneath my loft bed. I can turn it to white lights for when I’m studying, or make it reactive to music when I’m just relaxing. There are two modes that react to music, one that changes quickly and a second that changes slower. The slower one works better for slower music, and the faster for faster. Everyone that sees these in action thinks they’re awesome! Thanks HitLights!

Herrminator13 says:

Love it! Great Customer Service too! I used this in a deadmau5 head to give it a better effect than just a sequencer that i originally had, works like a charm! love being able to set the sensitivity. Originally it shipped with no remote but i contacted hitlights and they immediately responded and sent a remote no questions asked! Will definitely order with them in the future!

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