M-Audio Keystation 32-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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M-Audio Keystation 32-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Ultra-Portable 32-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32The M-Audio Keystation Mini32 is the ideal choice for players on the go. Designed by the company that pioneered mobile music production, this ultra-portable keyboard delivers unmatched playability in its class. Simply plug it into your computer or iPad* and perform two-hand parts with 32 great-feeling, low-profile mini keys.Customize the keyboard sensitivity to your playingstyle with highly musical velocity curves?including one specifically for drum programming. Controlyour performance with four assignable controls, including a rotary knob. And easily play and write music using the included software. With USB bus power and plug-and-play** functionality,

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WhatLukeSays says:

Best portable keyboard on the market – especially for the price [VIDEO] Here is my in-depth review of the M-AUDIO Keystation Mini 32 that I did for my YouTube channel. It is super portable, and it works really well. Check out the video for my full thoughts and review!WhatLukeSays

Jeffrey Lyon says:

Quality, minimal and affordable I used to think that I could never live with a miniature keyboard, but I was pleasantly surprised with this product and decided to keep it. I have limited desk space and needed a portable keyboard, and this product works well. The keys have a surprisingly high quality feel to them despite being miniature, and it’s great having more than the 25 keys you’d find in most small keyboards. If you’re on the fence about miniature keys, think of it this way: you’re not going to be playing piano concertos on any portable keyboard, whether it has 25 full-sized keys or 32 miniature keys. Either way your keyboard is mainly going to be useful for one-handed bass / lead lines or triggering drum samples. For these uses, the extra keys can be useful.Aside from the keybed, the knob feels solid and is easily mapped in Ableton Live. You can actually get around the fact that this keyboard doesn’t have a modulation wheel if you map the knob properly. The octave up / down buttons have LEDs in them which respond differently depending on which octave the keyboard is mapped to. It’s a nice touch and decently useful. I would have preferred to see a pitch bend joystick in place of the three buttons for pitch up, modulation and pitch down. Really it doesn’t feel right pushing buttons for these functions and they just don’t seem useful like this. I have not played around with adjusting the velocity response or any other of the on-board parameters.This keyboard is deceptively small and fits comfortably in a messenger bag designed for a 15″ laptop.Overall, this is a solid product at a reasonable price. I took one star off due to the pitch bend buttons, but I really have no other complaints with this board.

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