Just Imagine you sit down to mix your song or make a new beat and you have unlimited tools to choose from.

What if you had every sound you could think of so your instrumental comes out exactly how you hear it in your head?

With FL Studio Beyond you’ll have all the tools you’ll ever need for any version of Fruity Loops. The downloadable version was hit, now it comes on a 32Gb USB flash drive!

With folders and folders of VST audio plugins that’ll give you that crisp sound you’ll want to show off to the world. What makes this plugins bundle so helpful?
-The plugins are sorted in folders by category, just like they’d appear in your DAW.
-Windows and Mac compatible now that FL Studio 20 supports Mac OS X.
-You’ll have tools for EQ, compression, distortion, pitch correction, delay, and much more.

You’ll also be equipped with high quality sounds, samples, and drums. This product has the option for you to download over 30Gb of extras. All free to use in your production!

What if you’re a beginner and all this seems overwhelming?
Well Newbie friend, there’s also a complete video training course to help you get started in FL Studio. It has over 50 tutorial videos and covers getting started, creating a full track, and more. Also bonus eBooks on mixing and mastering for you readers out there.

Q: If I need help how can I get support?
A: You can reach out to our support team, there’s on problem that can’t be solved.

Q: What are the requirements to use the software?
A: The software included can run on both Windows and Mac. We recommend at least Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7 for the plugins.

Q: Does this include FL Studio Software?
A: No, theses are tools to enhance your abilities in FL studio. The sounds and plugins can work with other DAWs like Ableton, Studio One, & Cubase.

There are no subscriptions or added costs. Distribution by TestHop.

Product Features

  • 🥕Make Your Best Music in FL Studio 12, 20 & Beyond ~ Whether you’re using the Producer, Signature, or Fruity Edition you’ll have all the tools you need to make professional quality music in the world renown DAW.
  • 8Gb VST Audio Plugins & Instruments ~ From EQ & compression to autotune & special effects, level up your sound with hundreds of VST plugins for Windows and Mac.
  • 🔊4Gb Sound Pack (30Gb Download): Your USB includes 4GB of sound packs, drum kits, and instruments hand picked by producers. You’ll also have the option to download over 30Gb of extra sound packs for all genres!
  • ▶️ Comprehensive FL Studio Video Course: For beginners and pros. We tackle it all so you can master the DAW.
  • 32Gb Offline Storage Space: Storing songs online takes forever to upload and keeping them on your PC / Mac slows it down. This 32Gb USB is a great place to store or backup your songs.

Read the reviews and see the special SALE PRICE!

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  1. Anonymous

    Quality Choice Selection For Producers It’s not perfect — Several of the VST’s in this bundle do very little, or don’t work at all — but at less than 20 bucks, I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth out of it. For one thing, I’m like a kid finding a treasure chest filled with all sorts of candy and small toys, some of it he doesn’t really care for, but just going through all and discovering what’s there justifies the price. Several of the instruments and effects are listed on music retailers sites at $199, so if you like…

  2. Anonymous

    First Time Producer Personally at first I had my doubts about this product, but after receiving it promptly through the mail and checking the contents contained in the drive, all doubts were instantly quelled. It is exactly as described and with the contents advertised. There were many plugins that I had never heard of before and many I had and/or wanted for a while now. I would personally recommend this product to any music producer whether they are a beginner or an…

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