Korg’s new electribe2SRD includes new 2.0 software, offering new user-requested features including Pattern chaining, One-level undo and Original value indicator

Product Features

  • Pattern chaining: String patterns together to create full songs. Users can chain with nearly no limitation, which means that you can also create entire SETS of music!
  • One-level undo: Don’t like what you just recorded? You now have an undo available with the press of a couple of buttons.
  • Original value indicator: Users can now see the original position of any knob on the panel for any part onscreen.
  • Complete tools for the creation and performance of any genre of electronic music – with Ableton export!
  • In addition to onboard content, 400+ bonus patterns will be available for free from korg.com (optional SD card required)

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  1. MusicoMan

    A newfound musical partner I have owned the Electribe-m for a very long time, and it’s always been a great box to make grooves. Back in the “day” I’d build multi-part grooves across several patterns then record them with Acid Pro (pre-Sony) and create full width arrangements in software.So I was excited by this new iteration of “electribe” on the horizon, and I waited until after the Christmas ‘few and far between’ sightings to place my order. The vendor was great by the way (thank you Sam…

  2. KDub

    Sounds great. Not so much an EMX1 replacement so much as a reinvention.

  3. W. Angenent

    Best gift ever for a musically inclined youngster and a quite capable production tool An awesome capable synth built into a sample based step sequenced drum machine. I used it as a production tool in combination with Ableton Live. I think this would be the gift of a lifetime for a musically inclined child. Teaching synthesis and musical scales is one of the many things a child could learn. I recommend Syntorial. A software teaching hands on how to control the varies synthesizer parameters to learn to create amazing sounds. http://www.syntorial.com/Here is a link to…

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