Tired of what you hear on the radio or see on TV? Well, maybe it’s time to put yourself in the composers shoes and start creating your own tunes. With MAGIX Music Maker 2013 it’s easier than ever to make great songs quickly and easily on your computer. All it takes is your imagination and the more than 3000 professionally produced sounds and loops and you’re off to a great start. A wide range of musical genres (including Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Electro, etc.) provide you with everything you need to produce great songs. Simply combine the loops on up to 99 tracks, play around a bit, mix and edit and the next cool track might just be a few clicks away. Not a member of a band? No problem! Use the virtual Vita Instruments (i.e. Rock Drums, String Ensemble, etc.), give it a unique touch with your own vocal recordings, awesome guitar riffs or your own keyboard melodies. For years, this program has allowed artists to not just be creative, but bring their creations to life. Once you’ve finished your projects, simply share it on all major social networks and let others be the judge.

Product Features

  • 3,000 professionally produced and mixed sounds and loops covering every musical genre: hip hop, rock, alternative, techno, trance, dance, electro, chill out, pop and minimal tech house.
  • Integrated drum engine, loop designer, lead synth, VST-Support, and Facebook upload.
  • Create elaborate musical projects with up to 99 tracks
  • Simplified Sound pool Control – new, clearer design and intuitive Sound pool control enable a quick start and guarantee fast results. You can produce your own hit single in no time at all!
  • Upload finished projects to Facebook, Youtube and SoundCloud from within the program and share your songs with friends and family.

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  1. Mike

    Pretty Amazing! Just bought this on sale today from Fry’s Electronics for $20. (Amazon seems to track and meet prices – I thought it was about $50 on Amazon when I checked the reviews here yesterday.) Played with it for a few hours this evening.I bought this as a non-musician simply to cobble background music together for my YouTube videos. I’m not a musician but I’ll bet a musician could really make this product sing. (99 tracks. Has support for keyboards (I think) and it has a virtual keyboard.)…

  2. Rashawn Player "Phantomizer"

    To Basic At Times….. Let’s get this out the way now, This is not for professionals. If you are very experienced with making music on your computer, than you might wanna pass this. I picked this up on a deal that Amazon was having and I got this for 18 dollars (Software download). If I actually had to pay the full price of 59.99, I would be very disappointed.This is a fun software tool to use but it feels a tad bit to basic, to basic enough to make you feel a little unaccomplished after you finish making…

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