Music Creator 6 turns your computer into your own personal recording studio and includes everything you need to create, edit, and mix professional recordings. Whether it’s a cover of your favorite tune or an original composition, turn a simple idea into a finished song with Music Creator’s powerful suite of tools, loops, instruments, and effects. And when you’re ready to share your music with the world, you can burn a CD or use SoundCloud to post your music on Facebook and Twitter. Based on Cakewalk’s acclaimed professional studio software, Music Creator’s elegant design and drag and drop interface makes creating and sharing music fast, easy, and fun.

Product Features

  • Create with Song Construction Kits including over 1,000 professionally recorded music loops.
  • Record and edit live vocals, epic guitar amp tones, and hundreds of instrument sounds.
  • Access hundreds of instrument sounds and even create drum parts to fill out your songs.
  • Record and mix with studio-quality effects like reverb, EQ, delay and the new IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 CS guitar amp simulator.
  • Mix and remix with professional effects and cutting edge production tools.

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  1. Ms. CC-ETTE

    very good This software is not as user friendly as say Audition or Audacity, but what it lacks in user friendliness it makes up for in free tutorials and features, as well as quality of recording.I am a self-described hobbyist recorder. I record my guitar on my computer, using the guitar jack plugged into a mini plug, plugged into the sound card. One thing I noticed right away, as well as my friends and acquaintences who’ve checked out my new recordings using Music Creator 6, is that the…

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