DJ2GO2 is a portable, pocket-sized DJ controller that goes with you everywhere. It’s equipped with a built-in sound card and Serato DJ Lite (Serato DJ upgrade ready), which makes this the smallest DJ controller around. It fits on top of your laptop so you’re ready for action in no time, without taking up any unnecessary space. It’s perfect for using for small gigs, prepping your gigs, and a great backup for those “just in case” moments. There are endless possibilities, but most importantly, you can go anywhere with DJ2GO2.
A built-in sound card with master gain, headphone output for cueing and channel gain knobs makes DJ2GO2 the ultimate portable pocket DJ controller. It has two channels with a crossfader and pitch faders for easy blending. Don’t let the small size fool you—pad modes give you access to performance controls typically found on larger controllers.
The design and functionality of the DJ2GO2 makes it ideal for every type of DJ. Traveling DJs will enjoy having the critical elements on the go to practice, prep, and adjust their set. Mobile DJs can use it as a back-up or for a small gig with a minimal setup. All the controls are at your fingertips: simply plug in your headphones and connect your speaker through the master output.
Already a Serato user? DJ2Go 2 comes premapped with Serato DJ Lite included and is upgrade-ready to the full version of Serato. Play your blends, mixes and transitions on the fly. Control with quick access to your cues, auto/manual loop, and sampler. You can also map the DJ2Go 2 with other popular DJ software.

Product Features

  • Portable two-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite (included)
  • Control the music with play, jog wheels and fader
  • Built-in audio card with headphone cueing to create the perfect mix
  • Song navigation and channel and master gain control
  • Perfect for performing or prepping your DJ set playlist and cue points

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  1. Skinny

    Great backup controller for the price For the price, it’s pretty good for what it does. Plastic and lightweight. Plastic knobs and buttons. Any DJ worth his/her salt could definitely get the job done with it if they had to. Fits perfectly on a 13″ macbook pro.Havent’ tried it with Virtual DJ but it can probably be mapped to it if there isn’t a mapping definition for it already. Works with Serato Intro out of the box. If you have the paid version of Serato DJ, that will work too. You can only “skratch”…

  2. Lee T

    FUN for PRO or NEWBIE! I’ve had mine for maybe 10 hours…AND I CAN’T STOP PLAYING WITH IT. I am an old school DJ that embraced digital DJing 3 yrs ago. I have the DDJ-SR and NS7 III as my main controllers. DDJ-SB2 as my “portable” one. The SB2 is smaller than the others but still a pain because its still not really portable. THIS FITS ON MY COMPUTER OVER THE TOUCH PAD! Surprisingly decent sound card, headphone cueing and all the other basic features (The dreaded sync, 4 cue points, auto loops, manual…

  3. Recklessk

    Awesome light weight controller that looks professional. Looks a lot nicer than the previous gen. I love the look of this unit. The flashing lights really make it look professional. I’ve been DJing for 25 years and have a Numark NS6 and NS7 II plus a Pioneer Wego3 that I use as my main units, but for premixing, house parties or family gatherings this is the best option hands down. I use it with a low end 11.6″ windows laptop running a intel Atom x5 Z8300 processor and it works like a charm.A couple of things that I thought noticed is…

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