A complete, all-PreSonus recording solution with a mic, headphones, audio interface and Studio One— just add a Mac, PC, or iPad!

Product Features

  • Audio box iTwo interface with cable
  • Capture Duo recording software for iPad
  • Includes free download of Studio One 3 Artist DAW software and 6+ GB of third-party resources after product registration
  • HD7 studio monitoring headphones
  • M7 studio condenser microphone with cable

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  1. Christopher Castillo

    Best portable solution Need a way to record at home or on the go. PRESONUS is that company. Presonus hit the mark with this product. You can record on a computer or even on your IPAD. It comes with studio one artist and everything you need to start making quality recordings. I currently have it setup at home with my mac mini and studio one professional. If you have any questions, the forums are the way to go. Everyone there is super helpful and willing to help you out. If you still cant resolve your problems,…

  2. mpv

    Interface has internal headphone sound problem Interface has headphone sound problem. Sound cannot be heard until suddenly on at 95% gain, suddenly off at 94% or so. I contacted tech support and they asserted system must be bad but second unit did same and I saw other reviews saying unit had this problem. System is not very useable if the gain has to be set too high too hear and gives not flexibility in setting the headphone sound to desired level. I tried on iPad and multiple computers with same problem resulting. I really wanted this…

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