Get on the Fast Track to Drumming Get ready to learn, get ready to play, get ready to rock! Connect your Roland V-Drums* to your computer (Mac/Windows) and prepare for a learning experience like no other. Enjoy practice in a fun format when you play along with the onboard patterns and songs using the colorful graphical interface. Learn drumming step-by-step from beginning to intermediate levels. Improve your sight-reading with the Notation Screen, and enjoy drumming with Game screen. Enhance the V-Drums experience in the home as well as for private lessons and music schools.

Product Features

  • 60 preset songs and 57 basic drum patterns to build drumming skills. Notation and game screens teach you how to play drums.
  • Colorful correction mark and scores display timing accuracy. Dynamic Bar Graph displays stroke balance.
  • Easy installation of your favorite SMF data for custom practice. Compatible with Mac and Windows.

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MIDI Music Software, Computer and Hardware Reviews for Digital Musicians and Desktop Enthusiasts

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  1. StingRey

    Best computer drum tutor out there. Pros:1: Instant Feedback on Timing.2: Note for Note Accuracy.3: Adjustable Beats Per Minute.4: Proper Music Notation helps the musician learn to read notation for drums and notation in general.5: Large Selection of Lessons and Music Styles.6: Four Count drumstick Count In selectable on or off.7: Metronome Selectable on or off.8: Drums Only or Music Only soundtrack selectable (but not both off)9; Helps tighten groove and timing but not…

  2. M. Castle

    Don’t let the Japanese packaging deter you!! Don’t let the Japanese packaging deter you! Okay, so I agree with some of the other reviews that state the software as being archaic and the music is somewhat cheesy, but it works and I’m finding it beneficial being that I’m newbie drummer and wanted to try the software route before plunking down bucks for lessons. Couple of things I learned after taking a leap of faith that this software was going to work…I’m on Windows 10 with a relatively new Dell laptop. Before I ran the .exe file, I…

  3. Fedor

    Definitely worth picking up Even though this software is called “…tutor”, it’s pretty good for a drummer of any level, because you can create or download MIDI files and load them into the software, and play along to them. The software will tell you where you’re ahead or behind, so you can really play along to anything you want and test your precision.The one drawback (and this is nothing against the software) is that many of the MIDI files I downloaded from the internet weren’t accurate, so unless…

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