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Which musical instrument is right for you??? Should you play a synthesizer or midi keyboard?

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Before you start to play music, you should think very carefully about what you are into and what you want to play. Which musical instrument is right for you???

Buy a Musical Instrument - but make sure it is right for you!

Should you play a synthesizer or midi keyboard?
Or would you rather be liberated from a computer and play a guitar or a cello???
Think about it carefully!

A lot of people go out and buy musical instruments before they really have thought enough about whether they are willing to put in the commitment to being a player.

This is a really awful mistake to make, if you ask me. Although you can buy a cheap musical instrument, so that you will not have to spend too much money when you are taking the risk of trying something new, if you do not like it, it may just be over for you.

You will probably become discouraged, put it down, and never try it, or buy musical instrument again. If you are not willing to try it right off the bat, and really give it some serious commitment, there is no point to even buy musical instrument. It will just simply be a waste of your time and money.

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Of course, most people who go out to buy musical instruments, just make one of the most standard choices. They will either buy a guitar, or a bass, because those are the things that everyone out there plays with. They will not buy a musical instrument that really fits their musical passion down to a tee.

Other times, people will get a musical instrument because their parents think that they should go and play in band or orchestra. Tuba anyone? They will do what they are told to for a while, then get bored and sick of the whole thing. This seems like a waste to me as well. A passion for music should come from the heart, and that is a fact.

Of course, if you do buy musical instrument, you should make sure to find the best price. Be sure to also go and get a good musical instrument too that isn't cheap and shotty.

A lot of people believe that, when you are first starting out, you should buy a cheap musical instrument so that, if you do not like it, you have not wasted all that much money. I think that this approach is wrong. You should always buy musical instrument that is fun to play and of good quality so it is easier to learn. You will use it more, and be more inspired to make good music on it.

If this means scrimping and saving, then so be it. The whole point is that, there is no point in getting something which you will not want to play. Buy several musical instruments perhaps... get a traditional one like a guitar or banjo and also something modern like a midi music synthesizer.

Whatever you decide - music playing and cpomposition can be very gratifying! It will follow you around your whole life and offer pleasure - if you let it! Then again if you picked a tuba cause your parents wanted you to play it... well, in that case it may haunt you!

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