Musical Note Pad Free

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Musical Note Pad Free

Musical Note Pad Free

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F. Bailey "NYC Black Christian" says:

You won’t be composing any masterpieces with this app This does exactly what it says. I guess it would be good for if you have a melody in your head and want to jot it down so you don’t forget it. However, in the time it takes to use the app to write the notes, you can just draw some lines on a piece of paper and use a pencil. This cannot be used to say, write an entire piece, because you would probably break your tablet out of frustration. For instance, it may take a few tries to write chords that are tightly closed because the app has great difficulty putting notes right next to each other that are on the same stem. But it is free, and the description is accurate for what it does, hence it gets 3 stars for effort.

Laura A Hoffman says:

Music Sketch Pad This is a fabulous app for anyone involved in musical endeavours;I use it with a stylus when teaching piano lessons as a current versionof note recognition flash cards.It’s also handy for a quick sketch ofan idea when I’m away from the pieno.

Tim says:

Note It is not very user friendly and has very limited capabilities. It is a free app after all do I guess you get what you pay for

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