Novation Ultra Nova Synthesizer Gig Bag UltraNova

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Novation Ultra Nova Synthesizer Gig Bag UltraNova

Novation Ultra Nova Synthesizer Gig Bag UltraNova

The Novation UltraNova Gig Bag (Blue) is a custom designed to carry a Novation UltraNova Analog Modelling Synthesizer. The bag is lined with padding to withstand reasonable impact. The bag has 1 large and 2 small front pockets to hold laptop computer

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Gig Bag

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R. Pullan says:

UltraNova fits perfectly, plenty room for other stuff … … such as a laptop and power supply OR my old Nova and power supply OR my Zoom R-16 mixer/recorder AND a pair of long 1/4″ jack cables.Would have given this 5 stars if the price had been a little more reasonable.

Anonymous says:

This bag is really the only bag you can find for your Ultranova that will fit it perfectly. It does come with enough extra storage for my Zoom r8 and patch cables. The strap that came with the bag is total junk; just cheaply made and low quality so minus 1 star for that.The rest of the bag is pretty nice and should provide adequate basic protection from a short drop or so. Just keep in mind it’s a gig bag not a hard case. The biggest benefit is it keeps the keyboard snugly fit with a nice and easy way to transport it to jam sessions or wherever. This bag should cost $50 max, in my opinion so it loses another star, however it’s really the only fitting option right now.The color is a little bright; that could be good or bad depending on you. As it so happens, my cable bag I use with all of my guitar stuff and patch cables is also this color blue so it works out for me, however, I would have preferred the option to have black.

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