Pace iLok Software Authorization Device

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Pace iLok Software Authorization Device

iLok Software Authorization Device (holds hundreds of software licenses)

The Pace iLok got a major update. Now able to hold over 500 licenses, the 2nd generation iLok let you take all of your software authorizations with you in a single memory-stick-sized USB device. What’s more, the 2nd generation iLok doesn’t have that obsolete License Card slot in it, so it’s small enough to fit side by side with another iLok or USB device. Got old licenses? Don’t worry, you can easily transfer them to your new iLok 2. But if you like keeping multiple iLoks around, you’ll love the label slot built into the 2nd generation iLok.

Product Features

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Worst Customer Experience of the last Decade I received this product with purchase of Avid MBox Mini and ProTools LE. The iLok worked for 7 days after installation. Then the error messages started everytime I tried to start ProTools. iLok does not provide phone support. So for the next 7 days I traded email with a gracious support representative working through possibilities that would have taken maybe an hour if we had been on the phone or chat. After 7 days I was requested to return the product so they could send me a new one. oh and….that’ll cost you $49.95 plus shipping for the administrative cost of moving your licenses.Unless of course you would like to pay: Zero Down Time, (Insurance)$30.00, plus License Recovery with iLok$49.95, plus Courtesy iLok $0.00 ( they don’t charge you for replacing the piece of garbage) AND Expediency Fee of $100.00 plus Sales Tax: $4.43 plus Shipping estimate: $12.05(estimate because if you want it quick you’ll pay more…what was the Expediency Fee for?) Subtotal:$196.43What a scam! The technology is ridiculous. The customer service is ridiculous. Why are ProTools and other vendors subjecting their customers to this? My next move is to find a different software vendor if the replacement iLok doesn’t work.Nicely played AVID – ProTools – PACE iLok.Yikes!Peace

Dave Peck says:

Translation to English of the purported “benefits” of the iLok2 ……. “The iLok USB Hardware Key is a device that holds authorization……. licenses and connects via the USB port to your computer.”You’re a criminal…….. “It’s Portable: iLok enables you to easily move authorizations……. from one computer to another. Use your software at home,……. at the office, at a studio, or at a friend’s house. iLok makes……. it portable.”We’ll happily sell you another when you inevitably lose this one…….. “It’s Safe: Authorizations are stored in the secure iLok USB……. hardware key — not on the computer or hard drive. iLok……. is immune to problems caused by machine upgrades,……. disk maintenance, hardware failures, and software updates.”Your $2,500 laptop is garbage. Trust our $40 USB dongle instead…….. “It’s Convenient: Store all of your iLok-enabled software……. authorizations on a single iLok USB hardware key,……. regardless of developer.”You only own one piece of software that requires iLok, but you’ll have to install it anyway. Setup takes just an hour and only requires us to install a kernel extension, a browser plug-in, and a user-space daemon, all of which probably compromise your machine’s security and stability in ways we could care less about because at least our software is safe.Also: bend over. You’re a criminal.

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