Pro Music Composer

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Pro Music Composer

MAKE YOUR MUSIC with PRO MUSIC COMPOSER! PRO MUSIC COMPOSER helps you compose and create professional music arrangements. Everything is simple with PRO MUSIC COMPOSER: enter the melody, choose the form, the emotion and the style of music. PRO MUSIC COMPOSER does the rest: the chords, the accompaniment, the choice of instruments, the arrangement, the groove. You provide the creative sparks, and let this powerful software do all the work! Whether a beginner or a pro, anyone can compose complete songs with PRO MUSIC COMPOSER. With a few simple clicks, a song is arranged for your own band. PRO MUSIC COMPOSER can arrange well-known songs in a new way – enabling you to listen to classics in a fresh new style! Learn to play a new musical instrument? Learn how to improvise? It’s all simple and fun with PRO MUSIC COMPOSER! PRO MUSIC COMPOSER writes ready-made arrangements for any tune you choose: pop, rock, jazz, country, choral, samba, hit tunes and even more. PRO MUSIC COMPOSER recognizes the key, automatically comes up with chords, and produces appropriate accompaniments to known tunes or your own original music. PRO MUSIC COMPOSER organizes songs, melodies and texts in an extensive professional database. PRO MUSIC COMPOSER composes pieces at any level of difficulty you choose for guitar, flute, clarinet, violin, saxophone, etc. Learn to improvise – simply enter a few chords and PRO MUSIC COMPOSER will write jazz arrangements for combos and big-band. PRO MUSIC COMPOSER automatically produces readymade license-free compositions in various styles, for example for the sound track for a video. Notes can also be entered via Midi-keyboard and Midi file import. Interfaces – Midi-Out, Midi files, audio files (WAV, MP3) and XML format for exporting to professional notation programs.

Product Features

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Resolume Manual‎

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Sampler Channel – Image-Line‎

The combo box on the right side displays the name of the currently selected sample. Ifyou Left-click it, a history list with recently opened samples shows. … data is moved from FL Studio’s memory allocation to a separate memory allocation. … ‘Keep on disk’ precludes the use of precomputed effects (6), that require the whole …

Channel Window & Step Sequencer – Image-Line‎

From left to right are: Pan, Volume, Channel button (click this to open the instrument… You can change the global value and the beat length in the Project General ….Repeat this action to unsolo the Channel (unmute all). NOTE: Live MIDI input to theChannel will continue to play regardless of the switch mode as mute/solo …


The sequencer workspace is horizontally striped into channels and …You can scale the time using the zoom keys or mouse actions (see the Reference for more info). … -clicking on either the start or end arrow, and dragging left or right. ….Autoblending modes remove the need for separate effect strips.

Audacity Reference – SourceForge‎

You must do this before applying effects, saving or exporting. … All of the buttons on this toolbar perform actions – and with a couple of … Right Channel – makes this track come out of only the right speaker. … splits them into two separate tracks that you can modify and edit independently. …. Snap On – Enable Snap-To mode.

Action potential – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎

In other types of cells, their main function is to activate intracellular processes. … This is the mechanism that prevents an action potential from traveling back the …. Thus, in some situations, a rise in the membrane potential can cause ion channels …. effects can depolarize the axon hillock enough to provoke action potentials.

Audio Configuration Guide – Virtual DJ

is the main mix and the Right channel (red) is the headphone mix …. You can see in the following screen captures that Mono-Separated, 2-card, and 4.1 Surround … now sending the audio from Left Deck and Right Deck to the selected options. … Thisaction can also be mapped to a button on the controller, if available.

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William Tressler "BLT" says:

Not what I expected What you’re getting is the “free” version of the product, and you have to pay another $50 for an activation key. Buy something else.

Maya D. says:

Demo version. Requires full purchase to save or print. This appears to be a demo version which can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer website. It requires purchase of an activation code to save or print. Installation instructions say there is a code in the box — however, there is no code anywhere in the box or on the disc, and apparently cannot be activated on a non-internet computer. After many attempts to contact the developer, distributor, etc, to request an activation code or confirm that this is a demo version, I have not received a reply.

eclectic tastes says:

Huge Rip Off It sounded good but $49.99 seems to get you the free version of a program that then requires purchase of an activation key for additional bucks to get it to do what you have already paid for it to do (like open a midi file). It is not as represented. Keep looking, this is not the answer no matter what the question.

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