S-Engine USB MIDI Sound Module

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S-Engine USB MIDI Sound Module

MIDIPLUS S-Engine, E-MU 8030-based sound-engine with 128-voice polyphony

Over 192 built in sounds featuring 64 custom E-MU classic keys programs and a full GM bank with drums

128-voice polyphony

16-part multitimbral synthesizer

Reverb and Chorus effects

4-segment display, hi-Z guitar input (1/4″ jack), play/stop button, 10 key buttons, MIDI I/O, line out (1/4″ jack), headphone output (mini-jack), USB Connection.

1. Installation guide of S-Engine
S-Engine is an external USB MIDI sound module not a USB MIDI host. It can not be connected to USB MIDI keyboard directly. It must connect to Computer’s USB port or Power bank to get 5V power to work
2. Trouble shooting
• The item does not work correctly – starts to play a midi file and then begins to feed back and wont stop. Bank changes aren’t possible. Reverb comes on and off without turning it on. Can’t be used.
Defective unit, maybe can be fixed by firmware update
• Doesn’t work with my Surface Pro tablet.
Tablet couldn’t provide enough power for S-Emgine, need to use extern power bank.
• The 8030 Bank is producing weird sounds. The Other Bank is
Defective 8030 chip, need to change 8030 board
• USB midi in-out does not work with a USB keyboard controller.
S-Engine is not USB MIDI host, can’t connect to USB MIDI keyboard directly
• Does not work as expected with the keyboard I have
S-Engine is not USB MIDI host, can’t connect to USB MIDI keyboard directly
• unit powers up, but does not send a audio signal to the line output or headphone output.
There is no sound when power up till MIDI in jack receiving MIDI signal to trigger 8030 chip to provide sound.

Product Features

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I prefer this over Miditech.

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Excellent Product

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