Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12

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Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12

Movie Studio Platinum software is as robust as it is straightforward. Edit video in nearly any format, including AVCHD and stereoscopic 3D. With innovative and powerful features for video compositing, color correction, and animated titling, feature-film results are easier to achieve than ever. Use the surround sound mixing tools to create 5.1 soundtracks. Choose from hundreds of professional 2D and 3D video effects and filters. Upload movies to Pixel cast and YouTube, burn to Blu-ray Disc, or author DVDs using beautifully designed themes and custom menus and graphics. Interactive Show Me How tutorials guide you through step-by-step processes so you can get started fast.

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Rick Bennette "Rick Bennette" says:

SONY VEGAS Movie Studio Version 12 Doesn’t quite make the cut. I’ve been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio since version 9, and I have always been happy with it. In fact, I’ve been a huge proponent of Sony Vegas Movie Studio over all other editing software for it’s innovative and time saving design. I have switched many editors from using Final Cut Pro to using Vegas Movie Studio because it was so much faster, yielded a better final rendering, and ran on a machine half the cost of a Mac.Version 11 works flawlessly on all of my machines without crashing. I recently replaced my 5 year old dual core PC with a quad core i7 64 bit DELL Movie Studio series PC. Version 11 worked OK on the dual core with some stuttering in preview mode, but no other issues. Ver 11 works flawlessly on the new Dell, but it’s only 32 bit software running on a 64 bit system. Version 12 is a 64 bit version of Vegas Movie Studio that should, in theory, work even faster than V.11. In version 12, when I hit the full screen preview mode, it completely crashes the computer to the blue screen of death. If you accidentally hit the full screen button instead of project setting button (located right next to it) it will go into an unrecoverable crash, it will reboot the machine, and you will lose your unsaved edits. It does the same thing on both of my new Dell machines (both the same i7 64 bit Dell Studio), so it isn’t my equipment that is at fault. Version 11 still works fine on all of my machines, the old as well as the new Dells.Stabilizing video clips used to be a one click affair in version 11. Not so in in version 12. Stabilizing is now a time wasting seven clicks per segment, and you can not run them in batch mode. In addition, the stabilizing effect is not as smooth or as good in version 12. It also takes much longer to apply to each clip. This is not progress in my book.Please keep in mind that if you don’t need to use the full screen preview mode, then version 12 is solid and does not crash. If you don’t need to stabilize your videos, then that feature won’t matter either. For rendering a finished product, version 12 is about 50 percent faster than version 11. That is the only advantage I see in v12 over v11. There does not seem to be any other noticeable improvements in using Movie Studio v.11 vs. v.12, so if 11 works, I see no need to pay for an “upgrade” to v.12. It seems v.12 only serves to keep Sony in a continuing cash flow.It should be noted that I have also tried v.12 Pro version, and it has the same problems as the Platinum version. So much for going Pro.Sony has failed to respond to any issues regarding these Vegas Movie Studio bugs. Sony just does not care once they have your money. I have removed version 12 and have gone back to using version 11, even though it’s only 32 bits. Perhaps the new patch (since my original review) in version 12 may solve some of these issues, but I have no need to try it.

SlowCooker Uncle Ben says:

Not sure that it’s best on the planet … but it is very very good! I’ve been using video editing software, not professionally, but for home use (grand kids, weddings…); and this is, by far, the best I’ve ever seen. The learning curve might be a little steeper than other software applications I’ve used in the past; but it is time well spent. In the two months or so that I’ve had this, I’ve produced 5 or 6 videos, made up primarily of slideshows, video clips, music, text overlays, video overlays and voice … all in HD for burning on blu-ray. I haven’t had a crash once. Other software I’ve used before would take hours and hours to render a video, more hours and hours to burn it … only to see the whole project crash just a few minutes prior to completion. Does this sound familiar? Well, I have yet to see any of these problems with Sony Movie Studio. DVD Architect Studio that comes with the suite has to be one of the easiest application I’ve ever seen when it comes to building menus/chapters for your Video production. Again, nothing is evident at first, and the learning curve is a little steep; but once you’re past the initial two or three days, this software is a real gem! I’ve also used SoundForge Audio Studio to extract the audio from video, and use bits and pieces of the audio in other productions with hilarious results! This is my first experience with a software like SoundForge; so no doubt that there are other products out there that can do the same. All I can say is that these three applications included in the suite work hand-in-hand without any hiccups.

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