USB MIDI Music Cable Converter PC to Music Keyboard Supports Window Vista XP Mac OS

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USB MIDI Music Cable Converter PC to Music Keyboard Supports Window Vista XP Mac OS

MIDI interface cable

This MIDI interface cable is self-powered and can be conveniently attached to your computer’s USB port, without the need for tools or computer disassembly. This MIDI interface cable is the simplest and most convenient way to connect a keyboard or controller to a computer via a USB port. There’s no need for additional cables – this interface comes with integral USB and MIDI cables as part of its sturdy construction. This interface provides one MIDI input port and one MIDI output port, with each MIDI port supporting 16 MIDI channels. This USB MIDI cable easily turns your computer into a music studio and gives you the power to play songs on your keyboard or other controller, then mix and edit them on your home computer or laptop with any sequencing or recording software you have installed them play them back on the built-in synth or an any out-board synth.

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eclectic1 says:

Easy Peasy! Plug & Play! The “USB MIDI Music Cable Converter PC to Music Keyboard Supports Window Vista XP Mac OS” worked immediately with my Yamaha PSR 330 standard MIDI keyboard. I connected it to my Mac OS 10.6.8 and my keyboard, and it immediately played the notes written in my music software. I felt a little nervous about the spartan packaging that HDE, the seller, mailed the converter in. The converter was not damaged, though, and worked fine.I didn’t have to change any of the settings on my Yamaha PSR 330 keyboard or my computer in order to force the USB MIDI converter to work. It was easy! I just plugged it in and it played! I am very pleased!I am also pleased with HDE, the marketplace seller.

Shawn Lear says:

Does not work with piano pedals Setup: Yamaha P155 digital piano + FC3 pedal + Macbook AirI was initially pleasantly surprised when this converter started working right after plugging it in. However, there is one very important flaw: it interprets the pedal as a note. Pressing the pedal generates a ton of E3 “Note on” events at varying velocity levels, interspersed with the odd “Hold Pedal” event here and there. This makes it unusable for any kind of piano playing. Other converters work just fine, so I can only assume that this is an issue with the converter.

Jack says:

Midi cable to use with Garageband and keyboard Not much documentation with the cable so had to start googling. Found out the out goes to in and vice versa. In GarageBand you have to select the internal instruments rather than your keyboard for it to see your keystrokes. After figuring that out it works great

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