Vintage Synthesizers: Pioneering Designers, Groundbreaking Instruments, Collecting Tips, Mutants of Technology

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Vintage Synthesizers: Pioneering Designers, Groundbreaking Instruments, Collecting Tips, Mutants of Technology

This new edition is the ultimate exploration of the upstart instruments – and their unique analog growls and screams – that paved the way over the last four decades for todayÕs fast-paced electronic music world. Explores the development of the modern synthesizer from 1962 on, with in-depth interviews with pioneering designers Bob Moog and Alan R. Pearlman of Moog Music and ARP Instruments fame. These and other designers reveal their initial ideas, reflect on their hits and misses, and discuss how star performers have used their creations. Histories of groundbreaking instruments examine modular, analog & digital synths and samplers, plus more unusual instruments like the Mellotron. Noted synthesist Keith Emerson and composer Wendy Carlos (“Switched-On Bach”) offer musical insights and performance techniques. Includes fully updated pricing and production info, and more than 200 photos and a stunning color section.

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jd says:

Interesting, but Scattershot This book doesn’t read so much like a book as it reads like a collection of essays or old magazine articles (which is what it is, actually). It therefore doesn’t have a coherent focus. I would much rather have a book that was written as a book, that follows a thread all the way through – like maybe a chapter pn the development of the oscillator, describing how it works, tracing it’s development, pointing out the differences between the various makers, etc. Followed by a similar chapter on filter sytems, whatever. This book in no way does that. But, it is an interesting read anyway. Take note – the Second Edition does cover Japanese synths – Korg and Roland, although, again, in a typically scattershot manner.

"synth72" says:

Retread I already have most of the chapters in the book via articles published in Keyboard Magazine in the late 80’s and 90’s, so the majority of the info was redundant and just re-printed from those articles. There are some glaring omissions, such as leaving Roland out of the book except for a few pics!(?) Also, Korg received short shrift as well. I preferred Keyfax Omnibus Edition from Colbeck, although it had it’s own errors as well. If you’re a novice or didn’t have access to those earlier Keyboard articles, this isn’t a bad place to start.

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