Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS 1U Motif XS Tone Generator

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Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS 1U Motif XS Tone Generator

The heart of the MOTIF-RACK XS is its incredible set of voices for every application. It uses the same tone-generation architecture as the renowned MOTIF XS – just in a small rackmount unit that’s really simple to take to the gig and back. It sports a full 1,152 voices, and 65 drum kits to start heating up your creativity: luscious grand pianos, realistic sounds for virtually every orchestral instrument, classic organs and electric pianos, expressive guitars, intense basses, synth sounds of every stripe, ethnic instruments, and a massive wide range of drum kits and percussion sets. In whatever musical direction you tend to lean, the MOTIF-RACK XS has the sounds you want – and the sounds you’ll want, should you get into another style of music.

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